Testimonials - Kossuth County Economic Development Corporation

"Our experience with the E.C. Virtual School has been amazing. The teachers are the best ever and make the learning experience so fun for the kids. Our family is amazed at the quality of education provided that is well rounded and interactive. Thank you for helping us to provide a quality education and give the kids a thirst for education. You ROCK!"
-Kelly, Grandmother

"I love Eau Claire Virtual School because I can go to school and spend time with my family."  
- 1st Grade Student 

"We love ECVS because the teachers take care of the kids and make learning easy."
ECVS Family  

"I love the virtual option for my student. He does so well. He is self-disciplined and gets his work done. He doesn’t have to worry about his anxiety issues. He loves that he gets to go to classes in his pjs if he wants to. The teacher he has this year is amazing. She keeps them on task as well as thinking about their mental health and helps them to continue developing coping skills to aid them on their journeys through school and in life. I can listen in and see where he is at and what he needs from me. It’s wonderful."
Erin, Mother

"ECVS has been great for my family! It allows flexibility in our day while still providing an opportunity for my kiddo to interact with his classmates. He gets the support he needs from his teacher and is very comfortable asking her for help when he needs it. Ms. Hirst is an amazing teacher! She is fantastic at helping students understand things that they are having trouble with."
- Maria, Mother

"Health issues prevented my child from attending in-person classes. ECVS/Pearson, administrative staff, teachers, advisors and IT people have all been supportive, caring and helpful every step of the way. It’s hard to imagine what we would've done if ECVS weren’t in place. I’m incredibly grateful for ECVS and hope it continues to grow and thrive in the Eau Claire community and beyond. Thank you!" 
-Phil, Father