Eau Claire Virtual School (ECVS)

The Eau Claire Virtual School (ECVS) has been created to provide a flexible and personalized learning experience while maintaining the high quality and local support of the Eau Claire Area School District.  Virtual learning is a good fit for independent learners who are looking for an educational option in a remote or home setting.  While much of this learning will be done utilizing digital platforms, ECVS is committed to providing students with hands-on, community-based experiences to learn and grow with other students. For the first year, ECVS will be open to 28 secondary (grades 6-12) students selected through a lottery process. In its second year, 2020-21, the school will be open to 64 students in grades 4-12.

What Makes ECVS Different?

The Eau Claire Virtual School combines the very best online learning platforms with community-based learning experiences to provide a personalized, but also well-rounded educational experience.  Utilizing the amazing community partnerships of the Eau Claire Area School District, virtual students will not only have access to the best available virtual coursework and instruction but will also be invited to participate in engaging experiences at places like the Pablo Center at the Confluence or the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library.  For more information, families are encouraged to view the Presentation Materials and the Informational Letter shared previously.