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Robbins Elementary School

The Robbins mission is to foster the development of lifelong learners by providing a quality education in a positive and safe environment.  
We believe: “Lifelong learners are individuals who continue to adapt to their rapidly changing environment. They are able to think creatively and critically, work cooperatively, and solve problems. They respect their own uniqueness and that of others.”
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Wish List - Needs Request
Cost Detail / Total Cost
Helping Hands Greatest Need Fund
35% of Robbins’ families qualify for free and reduced lunches; some struggle to provide basic items for their children. The Helping Hands Fund provides essentials such as backpacks, coats, boots, etc.
$50 or more could support one child for one year / $5,000
Artist in Residence
We are seeking funds to bring in an ‘Artist In Residence’ to work with students creating art for our new commons area and school addition. We are looking at creating a new mural.
$2,500 / $2,500

Play and Learning
This grant will support building an aviary and adding on to the school’s Wisconsin Fish Habitat and Natural Resources display. Students would be able to take advantage of this interactive approach to education. Will serve students year after year
$1,200 aviary, $1,000 Wildlife Display / $2,200
Robbins Literacy
We have created a silent reading area for our fourth and fifth graders to enjoy. We would like to add four rocking chairs to the area.
$250 each x 4 / $1,000

Positive Behavior Interior Decor
Art sends a positive message about being creative and accents talents of many students. We would like 12 large picture frames to display classic works of art and student art.
$30 each / $360

Learning with Technology
Mobile computing devices for peer relationships between special education students and regular learners.
$500 each / $2,000
Archiving Projects
A portable classroom laminating machine and film can travel from classroom to classroom and allow students to laminate favorite works for their personal portfolio.
$60 / $60