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20140226_lakeshore_002.jpg  Did You Know?

20140226_lakeshore_051.jpg  At one of our elementary schools more than 80 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches
20140121_manz_034.jpgThere are needy students at all of our schools. At the least-needy school more than 22 percent of the students qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches.
20140129_robbins_043.jpgStaff members routinely provide students with shoes and clothing. A local church and Feed My People food bank work together to provide weekend meals for one school’s students.

_JTP0362-(1).jpgStudents speak 19 different native languages in our schools and many need special assistance in mastering English. 

mime.JPGPrograms across the spectrum – from those for gifted and talented students to field trips for all – have greater needs than can be met by the district budget.

Vball.JPGIt costs $100- $400 for a student to participate in high school athletics, an expense that prevents participation by some students. 

20140509_memorial_036.jpgSome of the musical instruments used in our schools are significantly older than both the students who play them and the teachers who instruct the students. 

And Wisconsin's reduction in spending per student was the second highest in the nation last year, behind Alabama. We need everyone to support our communities greatest resource, our children.