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6th Grade - Team I

Team I Links

Canvas (Learning Management System) → ELA and Science use this the most.

Skyward (to check grades and messages) → Log in with Student ID number and password (usually lunch PIN).

Google Drive (for google docs)

Big Ideas Online Math Book (click here for directions to log in)



You are responsible for completing any work you missed while absent.

1. You can email your teachers that day to see what to work on at home.

2. When you are back, check the absent tray in each teacher’s room to collect what you missed.
3. If you need help, meet with your teachers in ISE or at lunch.

4. Make up your work as soon as possible! You are responsible for your learning.


Homework assignments can be viewed on Skyward. 

Team I meets in Mr. Sirek's room.

Team members can be contacted by either e-mail or telephone.  During the school day, 7:30 AM - 2:51 PM, all directly dialed calls are routed to voicemail to keep classroom interruptions to a minimum.

If you call DeLong's main phone number, 852-4900, press zero for the operator, then request to be connected directly to the teacher's classroom.  If the teacher has either team meeting time or preparation time, our office staff can connect you to the teacher's classroom at that time.


Nick Sirek*     
Phone: 852-5017
Team Facilitator*, Science

Lizzy Ehrenberg
Phone: 852-4924

Barb Redman
Phone: 852-4648 
English, Social Studies, Reading

Chelsea Smith
Phone: 852-4851
Special Education

Tracey Tumaniec
Phone: 852-3951

Jessie Zawacki
Phone: 852-5021  
English, Reading, Social Studies