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"Read" Hints

Read a book...

With a main character who is a different race than you:

--The Birchbark House (Ojibwa)
--Pashmina (Indian)
--The Gauntlet (Bangladeshi)
--Front Desk (Chinese)
--Amal Unbound (Pakistani)
--Ghost (African American)
--No Fixed Address (Biracial)
--The Epic Fail of Artura Zamora (Cuban)
--Love Sugar Magic: A Dash of Trouble (Mexican American)
--One Crazy Summer (African American)

With a color in the title:
--Red: The True Story of Red Riding Hood
--One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street
--Yellow Kayak
--The Great Greene Heist
--Island of the Blue Dolphins
--How Oscar Indigo Broke the Universe (And Put It Back Together Again)
--Violet in Bloom 
--Amber Brown is Tickled Pink
--The Princess in Black
--The Great White Shark Scientist

About mythology, legend, or folklore:
--The Wishing Spell (Land of Stories series)
--A Tale Dark and Grimm
--Girls to the Rescue (series)
--The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson series)
--Zeus and the Thunderbolt of Doom (Heroes in Training series)
--Athena the Brain (Goddess Girls series)
--Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
--Not One Damsel in Distress
--The Legend of Wisconsin
--Treasury of Egyptian Mythology

That was published in 2019:
--Max and the Midknights
--The Friendship War
--Song for a Whale
--To Night Owl from Dogfish
--Klawde: Evil Alien Warlord Cat
--Far Away
--Bernice Buttman, Model Citizen
--The Lost Girl
--It's Trevor Noah: Born a Crime (adapted for young readers)
--The Last Last-Day-of-Summer

Set in Wisconsin:
--The Westing Game
--What the Moon Said
--Amina's Voice
--One Came Home
--Sweeping Up the Heart
--Lulu and Rocky in Milwaukee
--Freedom Train North: Stories of the Underground Railroad in Wisconsin
--The Rhino in Right Field
--In Mary's Garden
--Ida B: and Her Plans to Maximize Fun, Avoid Disaster, and (Possibly) Save the World

Helpful Book Websites

--Summer Reading Challenge worksheet.
--Search the public library.

"Learn" Hints

Find some answers!

Nonfiction books are full of facts that will help you learn new information! Here are some hints.

Biographies are found near the call number 921. They are sorted by the subject's last name.

If you search around the call number 978.3, you will find some books about American landmarks.

Books to help learn other languages are shelved in the 400s.

If you want to learn about sports, you should try looking in the 790s.

Books about doctors and medicine are around the call number 610. 

"Solve" Hints

Extra hints to solve mysteries!

I am by Dr. Seuss. I have exactly 50 different words. What book am I?
Extra hint: I was published in 1960.

My first line is "Where's Papa going with that ax?" What book am I?
Extra hint: My author is E.B. White.

I have characters named Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy. What book am I?
Extra hint: I became a live-action movie in 2005.

I "would not take the garbage out." Who am I?
Extra Hint: You can find me in Shel Silverstein's book Where The Sidewalk Ends.

I am set in a town called Popperville. What book am I?
Extra Hint: Mike and Mary Anne live and work in Popperville.