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South Middle School Band
Lori Olsen - Director of Bands

Band Concert Dates - click on link to the left for South's Band Performance Schedule

Summer Band (Link)

We want every band student to reach their fullest potential and to grow/ develop as an outstanding musician and individual. This year we will play exciting and educational music while building on the lessons learned in elementary school and beginning new musical concepts. Following these expectations will help us to have a great year of music making together.  We all need to do our part by preparing for band class so that the band “team” works well together and plays well together.

South Middle School Band: 
         Where we Connect, Discover and Succeed individually and as a band.

Band’s Daily Expectations:  Ready, Respectful, and Responsible

Be Ready:            
1. Come to class on time.
2. Come to class with necessary materials including instrument, music, folder and pencil.
3. Put your instrument together, get your music ready, and be in your seat when the bell rings.
4. Bring your assignment notebook to class.  Passes will need to be used when leaving band class for the bathroom/other classes.
1. Respect yourself, classmates and teachers at all times.  This includes respecting your instrument and other people’s instruments.  
2. Take really good care of your music and instrument.  Daily cleaning and maintenance are important to keep your instrument in good shape.  Do not sit on or abuse your instrument case. 
1. Take your instrument home every day after school.  Instruments are not allowed to be left overnight at South. 
2. Talk with your band teacher when there is a question/problem.
3. Stay in the band area until the bell rings.
4. No gum or food is allowed in band.
5. Set goals for practice and personal improvement.

Concert Uniform/Expectations
SMS Band Concert Uniform:  black shoes, black socks, black pants with long sleeve, red BAND shirt. Shirts will be passed out in October during band class.
  • Be prepared to the best of your ability for every concert, test, and performance.
  • Be at school by 6:30 PM on the evenings of concerts. Concerts begin at 7:00 PM.
  • Wear your uniform to school on the day of concerts.
  • Help clean up and reset the band room after every concert.
Performance Attendance
Band performances are a huge and important part of the band curriculum.  It is very important that all team members of the band be present for performances.  An absence of even one performer makes a big difference in the success experienced by the whole group.  Since performance attendance is part of a student’s grade, students must give the band director a written excuse two weeks (or earlier) before the performance, and complete make-up work in order to be excused.  (Excused absences:  unavoidable conflict, illness or emergency.) 

Private Lessons      
Students who want to stretch beyond the regular band class instruction, private lessons are for you.  Eau Claire is fortunate to have many qualified teachers at the local music stores and the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire music majors.  Private teacher lists are available from the band directors.

State Middle Level Honors Program
Students who are excelling on their instrument and want a musical challenge can sign up to try out for Wisconsin's State Honors Program.  Interested students need to get the requirement list and application from their band teacher.  Memorized scales are to be played for the band teacher before the December break.  Students will learn a Class A or B solo and sigh-tread music for their audition.  This is a wonderful opportunity for musicians who want to stretch their musical horizons.  Students audition in April and find out the results at the beginning of June.  The students who make it into this program travel to Madison the following October and perform at the Music Educator's National Conference.

Eau Claire Middle Level Invitational Band
The invitational Band is a select group of students from Eau Claire's three middle schools:  Delong, Northstar and South.  Student's selection is based on tone, intonation, range, technique, interpretation, musicality, sight reading, attitude and motivation, group skills and instrumentation for a balanced band.  Students are selected in the fall, and notified by mail in November if they are invited to be a member.  Approximately 25-35 students are selected from each middle school.

The Invitational Band rehearses on three January-February Monday evenings, a Sunday night "final rehearsal" the day before the concert, and the concert on a Monday early in February.
Summer Camps
There are many summer music camps that students may become involved in including:  Shell Lake; Madison; Stevens Point; Green Bay; Decorah, Iowa, and a few others.  There are concert band camps and jazz band camps.  Brochures are available in April See the band directors for a brochure/information.