COVID-19 Closure
COVID-19 ClosureAll schools will be closed for the duration of the public health emergency, as stated by Governor Evers. 
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Student Services

Hi Sherman Stars and Families!
This form is a way for you to share information with us, so that we know how to best support and help you. Once you've answered the questions below, go ahead and submit it. We'll be in touch with you shortly to respond to your questions, concerns, and needs. As always, your answers are confidential (we won't share them), UNLESS there is a safety concern. We miss you and we are here to help! You can fill this form out as many times as you would like to while we are away from school.
Looking forward to our conversation!
~Mrs. Ferstenou, Ms. Besterfeldt, and Ms. Hensley


Nyob Zoo Sherman Cov Menyuam / Tsev Neeg!

Daim ntawv no yog ib txoj hau kev rau koj los qhia kuv kom kuv thiaj li paub pab txhawb thiab pab koj zoo tshaj plaws. Thaum koj tau teb cov lus nug hauv qab no, ces nyem "submit" es peb thiab li txais laib. Kuv xav los teb koj cov lus nug, kev txhawj xeeb, thiab kev xav tau.

Kuv cia siab tias peb yuav tau sib tham sai sai!
~Mrs. Ferstenou, School Counselor,Ms. Besterfeldt, School Counselor, and Ms. Hensley, Behavior Interventionist

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