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Drop-off / Pick-up Procedures


Student and Parent Traffic Routines


Daycare children enter Door 10. Our breakfast program begins at 8:20am and children eating breakfast can enter Door 1. Recess supervision begins at 8:30am. Car drop-off is on the west side of building by the shed. Children should use the school sidewalks to enter the playground. Bus drop-off is at Door 10. Bus riders go to recess around the east side of the building or enter Door 10 to go to breakfast. Our school day begins at 8:40am. Parents who wish to walk their children around the school to the playground must park in a parking stall. No parking in the cul-de-sac area.


Students 1-5 will be released out Door 1. Students in kindergarten will be released out Door 2. To ensure safety for all, Students will be escorted across the parking lot when needed by school staff. Please do not park in the handicap accessible parking spaces unless you have a permit. Bus Students will exit through Door 10. Walkers will exit through Door 6, 8 or 10. 

 Please talk with your child’s homeroom teacher for
specific details on dismissal routine.