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Advisor: Cameron Severin
Email: cseverin50@gmail.com Mission Statement:  Improve Health, Get Strong, Have Fun
North Powerlifting is a club of male and female students and student-athletes who help one another achieve success through the demonstrated qualities of service, self-descipline, and hard work.  We are committed to the virtue of continual self-improvement and building the Husky Nation through camaraderie and weight training.  Club members will have the opportunity to receive and follow a personalized strength training program and compete in powerlifting meets.  Powerlifting is an experience that empowers people to build confidence and friendships, improve health and school pride, and have fun.

Powerlifting begins the first full week of November.  The weekly training schedule varies throughout the season.

Expectation of the student athlete   
1. Consistent after school strength training    
2. Work hard and encourage one another    
3. Compete in powerlifting meets    
4. Help others    
5. Take care of our training facility    

 Responsibilities of the coach
1. Open Husky Strength Center
2. Teach proper and safe lifting technique
3. Empower lifters to reach their potential
4. Encourage hard work
5. Ensure a safe environment

Students interested in learning more about Husky Powerlifting should contact the main office (715-852-6600).