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VAPING IN SCHOOL - Important Information

A Note From Assistant Principal Nicolet    
Parents and Guardians: We need your help! We have seen more students using and possessing e-cigarettes on campus. We shared the following statement with our student body. Please have a conversation with your student regarding the use and possession of any tobacco or e-cigarettes on school property.

With the increased use of e-cigarettes on school grounds and on school buses, we need to protect the safety and health of all staff and students. Click here to view the entire revised ECASD policy on vaping (summarized below).

All vaping and tobacco devices are not allowed on school grounds or on student busing. Consequences for breaking this rule may include: out of school suspension, citation for underage use of nicotine and confiscation of smoking device(s). Students with asthma and allergies are adversely affected by the vaping clouds and we are learning that there is an increased risk for lung damage due to vaping. We appreciate your support and your choice to follow expectations.

From WQOW - Local law enforcement and schools express vaping concerns

Below are two additional articles that provide information about the risks of using e-cigarettes:

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