Buses delayed
Buses delayedDue to icy road conditions on Tuesday, November 19, many school buses are delayed due to icy road conditions. 
Bus drivers are taking it slow and will be there to pick up students and drop off at school but may not be on time. 
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Database Searching from Home

EBSCO Search Login from Home
Username: memorial
Password: memorial

Auto Repair Reference Center

Automobile care, repair and trouble shooting by year of vehicle.


Newspapers, magazine articles, specialty databases.

CultureGrams - User: memorial Password: memorial

Information, culture, and recipes from over 200 countries.

CQ Researcher - User: mhs Password: mhs

In depth reports and news on social, political and world issues.   Always look at the Pro Con section!

Gale: All Gale Databases - Password: memorial

Search all Gale Research Databases:  Student Resource Center Gold, Opposing Viewpoints, Virtual Reference Libary, and Global Issues in Context.

Health Databases-Consumer

Health and medical information for consumers.

Health and Medical Databases

Health and medical information (more academic.)

History Reference Center - User: memorial Password: memorial

Extensive articles and information on history topics.

iPac Online Library Catalog - No Password Needed

Search for Memorial and other Eau Claire School District books and materials.

Leader Telegram Archives: User: ecasd1@ecasd.us through ecasd6@ecasd.us (there are 6 accounts)                 Password:  School1!  (case sensitive and requires the symbol !)

Search the Eau Claire Leader Telegram Archives with above Username and Password. One username can be used at a time per student, so if you don't get in, go to the next username.

Literary Reference Center Plus- User: memorial Password: memorial

Authors, literature and criticism.

MAS Complete (Magazines, biographies, reference) User: memorial Password: memorial

Magazines, full text reference books, biographies and primary source documents designed specifically for high school research.

Newspaper Databases (Badgerlink)
Select Newspapers under the "Find" column.  An assortment of databases focusing on world, regional and local newspapers, archival (back to the 1700s) news, and wire services.

Novel List Plus - User: memorial Password: memorial  
Novels, fiction and nonfiction, authors, read-alikes, award winners and more.

Poetry & Short Story Reference Center - User: memorial Password: memorial

Literary and reference materials related to poetry and short stories.

Points of View Reference Center - User: memorial Password: memorial

Research different points of view on hundreds of national and world topics.

Science Reference Center - User: memorial Password: memorial

Extensive information and articles about science topics.

WisCareers - Get Password from Guidance Office

Tons of information about careers and career planning.

World Geography - User: mhsmhs Password: mhsmhs

All about countries and cultures plus maps.