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Copyright-Friendly Images and Music


Database Images

Many of our databases have an image search. You'll know these images are accurate and the citation is provided.
  • Badgerlink Multimedia | videos, images, maps, and animations; especially good for science and social studies topics
Off-campus access: when you get the "Whoops" page, click on the "Login for immediate access" button. Then choose Eau Claire – Eau Claire Memorial High School from the dropdown menu, and enter ecasd as your school barcode
  • CQ Researcher | maps and graphs of social, political and world issues 

Off-campus access: username mhs, password mhs
  • CultureGrams | images from over 200 countries and states

Off-campus access: username memorial, password memorial
Off-campus access: memorial
Off-campus access: username memorial, password oldabes#1


Other Image Resources

  • Creative Commons | search for free content in the public domain and under Creative Commons licenses; follow the licensing statement for the images you use

  • Photos for Class | automatic citations from Flickr

  • Wikimedia Commons | more creative commons images; read the licensing information for the images you use


Citing Google (or Bing) Images

1. Find the image's source.

When you use Google image search, Google is not your source. It's the tool you are using to find your source. It's important to click on the image and determine the Web site that Google is pulling the image from.

2. Then, cite the image from that website.

If the image doesn't have a title, write a short description of your own.


Dog in a boat. Digital image. The Leader-Telegram. 13 May 2018, http://www.leadertelegram.com/image543345.


Soundzabound | royalty-free music and sound effects