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Detention Component

Student Profile:
  • 20-30 students per day
  • Students held in the Northwest Regional Detention Center
  • Earn grades, credits, or meet competencies
  • Remain a student of their school of residence

Services are provided in the Northwest Regional Detention Center. McKinley staff contacts each student’s school of residence, determines their educational needs, secures a copy of special education plans, and secures materials and homework from the school of residence. The instructor provides tutoring support, test proctoring, and serves as a liaison to the staff of other schools.

Individualized academic plans are developed for each student if the student was not successfully attending school at the time of detention.

The instructor sends records, work, and tests to the student's school of residence while the student is detained and when he/she is released sends these documents to the new facility.

180 Program within the Detention Center serves students that are there year long

Services are offered year round from 8 AM to 3 PM Monday through Friday. These services are required by state law. Students receive services from one day to 12 months depending on the reason for and length of their confinement.