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Before and After School Options


JRLC Frequently asked question:
  1. What is JRLC?  JRLC is an after-school, referral based program for students in grade 1-5.
  2. What do students do at JRLC?  JRLC time is broken down into approximately an hour of academic time and an hour of enrichment time.  Academic time consists of learning activities, tutoring, homework assistance, reading partners, mentoring and library time to help students improve their classroom achievement.  Enrichment time offers programs that enhance and extend student's classroom learning.  Programs such as art, drama, lacrosse, music, cooking, recreation and wellness are offered.  Visits from community businesses and individuals help to extending student learning beyond school walls. 
  3. What are the day and hours that JRLC operates?  Monday- Thursday:  3:40 - 5:45  
  4. How do I become a JRLC student?  Students are referred by their teacher.  Other openings are offered as a lottery.
  5. What does it cost?  JRLC is free to Longfellow students! 
  6. When is JRLC offered?  Throughout the school year.
  7. Is JRLC offered when school is not in session?   No, if Longfellow is closed, JRLC is closed as well.  JRLC is, at times, closed on other days.  Notes are sent home in advance letting families know when JRLC will be closed. 
  8. My child is a bus student, does JRLC provide busing?  Yes, JRLC provides busing to those students who currently are bused to and from school.  (Example:  If Sue rides the bus to school in the morning,  JRLC will bus Sue home at the end of JRLC.  If Sue does not live within the busing boundaries, she would then not get busing and would either have to walk home or have a parent pick her up. 
Any other questions?  Contact, Holly Larson or Sarah Fisher at 852-3800.

JRLC Contact Information
JRLC Site Leader:  Samantha VanWyk