COVID-19 Closure
COVID-19 ClosureAll schools will be closed for the duration of the public health emergency, as stated by Governor Evers. 
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Community Connections

Longfellow Partnership Coordinator

I am the Partnership Coordinator at Longfellow Elementary.  I view my role at Longfellow as a liasion to parents, to students and to the community.  I have been the Partnership Coordinator at Longfellow for ten years; my position has evolved over time as student, parents, and community needs have changed.  I continue to enjoy the diversity that being a Partnership Coordinator brings and hope to enhance everyone's experience at Longfellow.  It is my privilege to serve Longfellow students, parents & staff. If you have questions, would like to volunteer, or have concerns you would like to discuss please feel free to contact me at 715-852-3800 or via email at .

Holly Larson

Week-end Kid's Meals

Longfellow Kid's Meals is a collaborative partnership with Feed My People Food Bank.  The purpose of the program is to provide food for Longfellow students during the weekend when school breakfasts and lunches are not available.  Feed My People with the aide of many volunteers prepare bags of breakfast and lunch and deliver them to Longfellow.  Longfellow unloads the bags and students pick the bags up at the end of the day on Friday's.  (Some delivery's may take place on different days due to holiday breaks, etc.)  This food is provided at no cost to families.  If you are interested in having your Longfellow student receive Kid's Meals, please contact Partnership Coordinator Holly Larson by phone at 852-3841or by Email  We are sorry, at this time, we are unable to provide Kid's Meals to those students with food allergies