CLC Advisory Board Report 3-9-17


Academic:  At least 80% of our students will meet or exceed the Target Rates of Improvement OR meet the ECASD end-of-year benchmarks in English Language Arts and Math.

Student Engagement:  At least 90% of our students will demonstrate higher levels of engagement as measured by teacher responses on the survey by indicating improvement on at least one of the three questions (not including students who didn’t need improvement in the first place.)

Parent Engagement:  At least 95% of parents/guardians of CLC Students will participate in at least one family event in the 16-17 school year.


Results for 15-16:

We served 92 students throughout the year, and 69 were regular attendees (30 days or more.)  91% of regular attendees improved in at least one of the following areas: homework completion, class participation, classroom behavior.  Most had improvements in more than one area.


Continuous Improvement Plan:

Staff Capacity and Development:  Regular meetings are held and there were two special trainings provided to CLC staff.

Communication Between Day School and CLC: We continue to use our newly improved learning logs to increase communication between CLC staff, day school staff, and parents.

Student Engagement: We get student input into enrichment activities and ran a ‘CLC’s Got Talent’ show where students chose something to share with peers and families.

Communication with families: In addition to the learning logs, we put out a newsletter that included a survey and opportunity to get parental feedback.