COVID-19 School Closure Update
COVID-19 School Closure UpdateAll ECASD schools will be closed at the end of Monday, March 16.  Details have been sent to families through Skyward.  That message may be found at

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Research Websites for Students


TRUE Flix (Grades 3-5)

Has ebooks on a variety of subjects including history, biographies, animals, scinece, health, geography, government, and more

GO_logo-(1).pngScholasticGO! (Grades 2-5)
Search this kid friendly database for any topic. You can filter your results by grade level.

Explora (Grades 4-5)
Search any topic such as animals, art, music, biographies, geography, language arts, math, science, health, and social studies 

PebbleGo (Grades K-3)
Best place to start for research on animals, science, biographies, and social studies


Encyclopedia Britannica
Grades K-5
Articles and pictures for research topics. Timelines, too.
Grades 4-5
Biographies of famous people today and historically. 

States Resources

Fact Monster's The Fifty States
Grades 3-5
Learn facts about each state

Enchanted Learning's US States
State Rank
Grades 4-5
Facts about each state and printable activties

Dictionaries and Thesauruses
Grades 3-5
Online dictionary and thesaurus

Merriam Webster Word Central
Grades 3-5
Uses kid friendly language, serves as a dictionary, thesaurs, and rhymes


Britannica Atlas
Grades 4-5
Use this map to learn basic facts about any location

Google Maps
Grades 3-5
Search for any location to explore

List Your Sources!

Easy Bib
Creates citations for you

Copyright Rules for Schools

District Library Resources

More Online Resources