COVID-19 School Closure Update
COVID-19 School Closure UpdateAll ECASD schools will be closed at the end of Monday, March 16.  Details have been sent to families through Skyward.  That message may be found at

For more information about At-Home Learning and other resources, go here:

  • (715) 852-3400


Dear Families,
At Lakeshore we are a Title I school which means we receive federal funding to help our students reach our state’s content standards for reading/language arts and mathematics. Title I is the largest federal aid program for schools serving elementary and secondary schools each year. Through Title I the Federal government provides money to states, which in turn provides money to school districts based on percentages of low-income students. A Wisconsin Title I school is eligible to implement a Title I Schoolwide Program when the poverty level is at or above 40%. At Lakeshore, our poverty level is approximately 56%.

We are considered a Title I Schoolwide Program, which enables ALL students, particularly the lowest achieving students, to reach the state’s content standards for reading/language arts and mathematics. As a Title I Schoolwide Program, we have greater decision-making authority and flexibility for teachers to help students having difficulties. Every year we complete the following core requirements of a Title I Schoolwide Comprehensive Plan:

  • A comprehensive needs assessment that identifies our strengths and challenges in key areas affecting student achievement

  • A comprehensive plan for long-term improvement, created with stakeholders and designed to address identified needs

  • Regular evaluation of our program and updating the plan as necessary

  • Appropriately licensed teachers and qualified paraprofessionals

At Lakeshore we use our Title I dollars to fund Title I reading teachers and instructional materials. Additionally, a major aspect of being a Title I Schoolwide Comprehensive Plan is working collaboratively with parents and we use our Title I funding to provide home-visits, an evening family event, and additional time for family-teacher conferences.
To access our Title I Schoolwide Comprehensive Plan, please click on this link.
Your partner in your child’s success,
Colleen Miner