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Winter Recess Expectations

Winter Playground Guidelines

All winter gear is required to go on the field, playground equipment, or the plowed snowbank.

  • We encourage all students to wear their snow pants and boots every day.
  • We tell students that we are dressing for winter and not for snow.
  • Students who are not wearing their winter gear are required to stand on the shoveled area by the doors. These students are asked to come in at the end of the line to give others a chance to get their things off.
  • There are a few hats, mittens, scarves and snow pants available to borrow at school

Students may slide down the plowed snowbank on their bottoms (feet first) or knees only

  • One student may go down at a time. (Make lines at top of hill)
  • Move quickly from the bottom of hill when finished.
  • Walk back up the side of the hill.

Students may crawl on the ice on their hands and knees.

Throwing snow at school will result in a consequence.

Play safe games.

Thanks for helping to keep the playground consistent and safe.