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What is a Learning Environment?

So just what is a “learning environment”? It’s an educational setting where students take responsibility for their own learning. Teachers may still set learning expectations and targets but it’s the individual student who processes how to accomplish the goals. A main principle here? Learning is a natural process and learning environments refer to spaces where those natural processes of inquiry, trial and reflection are the basis of education for students and staff. Students are encouraged to initiate their own learning to accomplish a goal whether working as an individual or with a group. Typically, then, outcomes are measured through competence rather than standard grades.

Learning partnerships which offer learning opportunities beyond the conventional components of the school’s structure of time, place and content are key to learning environments.  “Classrooms” exist everywhere – in business, in hobbies and recreation, in nature, in theory, in community service and in the conventional school. We recognize that people and organizations outside of our schools are also in the constant process of learning.  Our goal is to engage with the community in a way that students benefit from, and contribute to, the learning partnership.