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The school motto, PRIDE in Excellence stands for Perseverance, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, and Endurance. Our mascot is the Husky, known for its endurance and willingness to work.
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NHS Athletic Access Fund
Each year many students at ECASD are unable to join teams due to the additional costs for team fees and clothing. Help us remove these participation barriers in high school athletics at North High School. We are seeking funds to offset the basic costs so these students can participate in: Cross Country, Golf, Volleyball, Soccer, Football, Tennis, Swimming, Basketball, Hockey, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Baseball, Softball, Track & Field, Dance and Cheerleading.
Varies by sport
Range is $100-$500 per person / $50,000
NHS Strength and Conditioning Fund
A new afterschool strength and conditioning program is in its second year at NHS. This program, led by a certified strength and conditioning instructor, is open to all NHS students and served more than 400 students last year.  Health and wellness for all students is a priority at North High School. We hope to expand and enhance the program going forward with improved equipment and facilities, allowing all students opportunities to pursue their personal best in the classroom and out.
$15 per student, plus funds for program, equipment and facility improvements / $30,000
Performing Arts Fund
In addition to helping fund the every-other-year musical at North High School, this fund aims to support the variety of student performers (nearly 400 students) throughout the Performing Arts Department, encompassing band, choir, orchestra, and theatre. Students in our programs will have better access to quality materials (instruments, uniforms, etc.) as well as individual and collaborative opportunities (performances, traveling, etc.). It is our belief that involvement in the performing arts creates invaluable experiences and truly enriches students well past their departure from NHS.
Annual Goal: $10,000
Lunch and Learn Passes
43% of our students qualify for free and reduced lunch.  Many more are just above the cutoff point and go through their day without breakfast or lunch. Staff know what a difference ‘3 squares’ a day can make to performance, learning, and success in school.
$2.60/day x 25 students - 100 lunches / $2,000
Hands On Learning
Postsecondary readiness is a district focus. Students in our science classrooms will improve learning and gain better skills using a Full-size 3D human torso model, (Denoyer Geppert) with superficial and deep musculature and 27 detachable parts. This torso will be used throughout the entire semester of Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology classes. This is a long-lasting, tangible gift.
$5 student over 10 years / $5,000
Technology Today Fund
North does our best to provide all students with access to the technology tools they need to learn best. GPS Units 20-30 are used for instructional mapping and geocaching in a variety of classes to teach valuable skills and increase students’ self-confidence. We are seeking 10 units to use in multiple classes.
$120 each / $1200