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Montessori Charter School

Mission Statement: To provide a high quality Montessori education that promotes lifelong educational success through academic discovery, multi-age classrooms, and hands-on learning.
Vision Statement: To develop independent, passionate learners who understand the responsibility each of us has as citizens of our world.
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Wish List - Needs Request
Cost Detail / Total Cost

Outdoor Learning
Through learning and stewardship activities students come to understand that their schoolyard microcosm reflects global environmental issues. We are seeking 6 tables.
$1,017 per table x 6 / $6,102
Library Mural
A wall painting to reflect literature that children read. This is a way to utilize an art form to develop an environment to motivate our children to read.                    
$2,000 / $2,000
21st Century Keyboarding
Students are preparing for life after school. This includes developing the skills to be proficient with technology. We need keypads to accompany our iPads.
$69 per key board x 30 / $2,070
Learning with the Natural World
School gardening has been shown to increase self-esteem, help students develop a sense of ownership, and develop responsibility. We would love to have 2 Planter Boxes.
$200 each / $400