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Seventh Grade Solo Project

Click here to DOWNLOAD the accompaniment for your solo.

Every seventh grade band student will work on a solo project from November through December (it is due in the days before we go on break). The solo project goals include understanding the steps that go into the preparation of a solo and using this preparation to achieve a successful performance. It is crucial that students understand that preparation is a step-by-step process, and assignments must be completed by the due date. The evaluation process and grading schedule is listed below.

Things to remember:
  1. Every student will be offered help during class. You are encouraged to seek help before school, during resource, or after school. Please make an appointment. This is YOUR responsibility, not your teacher’s.
  2. Mr. Boll is only here on DAY 2, so PLAN AHEAD if you need to meet with him (set up an appointment at least a full day ahead of time in person or by email).
  3. Once the due date has passed, the highest grade that can be earned is a C. If there are special circumstances due to sickness or excused absences, please see your teacher.
  4. Students may take any test before the due date. This must be set up with your teacher ahead of time.
  5. Extra credit points can be earned by practicing during resource, practicing before or after school practice in the band area, and by seeking out extra help from band teachers. Make sure to keep track of your extra time on the sheet you received in class.

Grading & Due Dates

Assignment Due Date Possible Points
Solo worksheet (download and print file: Word / PDF) Monday, November 30  
20 (formative)
First half of solo evaluation (completed in class) - download PDF Wednesday, December 2 20 (formative)
Second half of solo evaluation (completed in class) - download PDF Tuesday, December 8 20 (formative)
Peer Evaluation: Play entire solo for peers in small
groups with CD accompaniment and turn in worksheet. - download PDF
Monday, December 14 20 (formative)
Home Solo Performance: Play entire solo for someone at home
with CD accompaniment and turn in worksheet. - download PDF
Wednesday, December 17  20 (formative)
Final Performance with CD beginning to end: This performance
will be judged by a guest clinician and/or band directors.
Friday, December 18 100 (summative)