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Welcome to the IMC!

Mission Statement
We believe that library media programs are essential to 21st century life skills; therefore, our mission is to...
  • promote a love of reading
  • connect learners with ideas and information
  • teach information technologies
  • prepare students for life-long learning and informed decision-making
  • participate as active partners in the teaching/learning process
  • provide leadership in the total education program

Media Staff Initiative: Materials Selection
  • Through research and constant review of needs and resources, we will select high-quality media products that foster inquiry, exploration, and creativity.
  • We will continue to select media that augment the classroom curriculum.
  • We will continue to build a collection that represents the diverse interests, abilities, and characteristics of our students and the world in which they live.
  • We will reinforce use of materials that will foster mastery of the Wisconsin Information Technology Literacy Standards.
Media Staff Initiative: Collaboration
  • We will continue to treat all students and staff with respect, compassion, and professionalism. 
  • We will seek staff and student input in selection of materials, and make sure we communicate arrival of new materials to the school community. 
  • We will make connections with new staff, participating in their orientation to the building, and continually offer our resources and services.
  • We will offer instructional sessions so all staff are familiar with our resources, particularly our online databases. We will encourage staff and students to reserve materials through our online catalog.